Soul Feeding

One of the Yutto's would like you to help him retrieve a powerful artifact from the Hiathlin's

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth
The Melting Pot, Elysium (720x1550)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Hiathlin Soulcatcher
Kill quest NPC to receive

Speak to One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth, he can be found under one of the tents at the Yutto's village just southeast of Ripwell (Clan) or south of The Jagged Coast (Omni). Speak to him about the Soulcatcher, he will explain that to find it you will have to make the Hiathlin Lookout use it. The only way to do this is to kill a lot of Hiathlin's and Malah's, You will receive a mission of all the creatures you will have to kill, they must be killed in the correct order:

Kill 10 Cagey Hoathlan
These can be found in the lake around the Unredeemed village of Acme, the quickest way is by heading west from the Yutto's into the Hiathlin cave, at the northwest corner is a doorway through to Acme

Kill 10 Fissure Hiathlin
Head back through the doorway towards the Yutto's, these can be found inside the cave

Kill 5 Malah-Behn
These are in the lake around Acme village, head back through the doorway

All the rest of the creatures in this quest can be found at the Chapel of Chants, a building just north of the Unredeemed village of Stormshelter, for Clan head east from Whispervale statue

Kill 3 Hoathlan

Kill 3 Brisk Hoathlan

Kill 2 Malah-Ana

Kill 1 Malah

Kill 1 Malah-Dren

Kill the Hiathlin Lookout

Once the Lookout is dead the Hiathlin Soulcatcher will appear in your inventory, you now have 7 days to return to the Yutto for your reward. You will receive 1 million credits and a Wrath of Zeus

The weapon will be QL 120 and is nodrop

Wrath of Zeus
QL 120

To wear:
Assault Rifle 800
Burst 600
Max Health 80