Kill Mortiig's

There are some Mortiig's roaming wild near to Barter, the Yutto's would like help getting rid of them

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Wins Over Mind
The Melting Pot, Elysium (715x1550)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Huge Diamond on a Stick
Kill quest NPC to receive

Speak to One Who Wins Over Mind, he can be found under one of the tents at the Yutto's village just southeast of Ripwell (Clan) or south of The Jagged Coast (Omni). Talk to him about visiting the Barter Camp, he has two quests for that area, both include killing certain Mortiig's. The easiest way here is to use the garden and exit at the Barter statue, then head north, the Mortiig tents are easily seen from a distance

The first, and easiest quest is to kill the Looting Mortiig's. These can be found wandering around the outside of the tents on the grass, they are around level 80. You will need to kill five to complete your mission. You will be rewarded 100k for doing this

The second quest involves the leader, the Mortiig Chieftain. He can be found inside the largest tent and is around level 100, be careful as he will shout for help from the other 2 bosses close by. Once he dies the huge diamond will appear in your inventory, return this to the Yutto for your reward. One Who Wins Over Mind will reward you 500k for completing this mission