Find Frozen Artifacts

The Yutto's would like you to collect some frozen artifacts for study

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth
The Melting Pot, Elysium (720x1550)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Frozen Shiver Spider Bone
Kill quest NPC to receive
Frozen Goblet of Frost Breath
Kill quest NPC to receive

Speak to One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth, he can be found under one of the tents at the Yutto's village just southeast of Ripwell (Clan) or south of The Jagged Coast (Omni). He will ask you to collect two frozen artifacts for him, you will receive two missions, both to kill a few creatures, you can do them in any order

The spider bone can be obtained by killing five Shiver Spiders, these can be found on the hill just east of the Whispervale statue (Clan) or northwest of the Stormshelter statue (Omni). Once you have killed all five the Chill Spider Bone will appear in your inventory

The frozen goblet is found by killing five Icy Shadows, these are found on the river banks northeast of Whispervale (Clan) or north of Stormshelter (Omni). Once you have killed five Shadows the Frozen Goblet of Frost Breath will appear in your inventory

Return both items to the Yutto to receive your reward, 250k credits and a Sable Sleeves of Fantasies

The sleeves will be QL 120 and give a nice boost to Mat. Creation, they are also nodrop and unique so only one can be worn

Sable Sleeves of Fantasies
QL 120

To wear:
Level 100
Intelligence 360
Psychic 360
Material Creation 4
Projectile AC 120
Melee AC 120