Drive Away Shell Eremites

The Yutto's at Tinker Tower are being driven mad by the Eremite's on their beach, they would like help keeping them away

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

The One Loved by The Sun
Tinker Tower, Elysium (270x1010)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Pearl of the Endless Sea
Kill quest NPC's to receive

Speak to The One Loved by The Sun, he can be found at Tinker Tower on the west side of Shell beach. Ask him about the Eremites, he will tell you how the noises they make are annoying him. He would like your help to keep them away from his beach, he has two separate quests for you to complete

The first quest is to kill five Shell Eremite's, these can be found roaming the beach. Be careful as they are hidden below the sand, once you have killed five you will receive 100k as a reward

The second quest is to kill three of the Eremite bosses, to find the lost pearl, look for rock formations on the beach to find them. The first is Coiling Eremite, and can be found North of the tower (305x1260). The second is Bending Eremite, this one is at the South end of the beach (470x705). The third and final boss is Swirling Eremite, this one is at the North end of the beach (735x1485). Once all three are killed, in the correct order the Pearl of the Endless Sea will appear in your inventory. Return this to the Yutto to receive your reward of 500k and a pair of knuckledusters

Silver Spider Knuckledusters
QL 120

To use:
Title Level 4
Melee Energy 240
Intelligence 360
Material Metamorphosis 12
Melee Damage 12
Energy Damage 12
Radiation Damage 12