Find Ecclisiast Enel Gil

A simple find person mission, aimed to help people new to Elysium find the NPC that helps you access the garden

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Gives Light
The Melting Pot, Elysium (720x1560)
Ecclisiast Enel Gil
Utopolis Temple (Upstairs, Southern Room)

Speak to One Who Gives Light, he can be found under one of the tents at the Yutto's village just southeast of Ripwell (Clan) or south of The Jagged Coast (Omni). Ask him about accessing the garden and he will suggest you speak to Ecclisiast Enel Gil at the temple. You have 7 days to complete your mission

You will need to travel to the redeemed temple in Utopolis, enter the temple, head straight through the first room and up the spiral staircase in the second room. Ecclisiast Enel Gil can be found in the southern room off the top of the staircase, speak to him to complete your mission