Overcome Your Enemies

Overcome your fears by killing the Temple Catacomb bosses

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Overcomes Enemies
The Divide, Elysium (1455x865)

Exit the garden at Remnans, travel northeast along the base of the mountain. One Who Overcomes Enemies can be found a little way along, under an overhang. Speak to him and accept the seven kill missions to overcome your fears

Kill Herne
Kill Mare
Kill Arawn
Kill Slaugh
Kill Bean Sidhe
Kill Blood of Acheron
Kill Emissary of Annwn

Each mob is a boss of the catacombs found under the temples in Elysium, to enter you will first need to travel to the nearest temple and find the spirit room inside. Find one of the exits in here to transport you to the catacombs

Once each boss is killed you will recieve the reward, 250k credits and some xp