Bluetooth Harvest

It is Bluetooth Fungus season and the Yutto would like some collected, he will reward you with a chapter of your Specialization 2 book

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

One Who Wins Over Mind
The Melting Pot, Elysium (715x1550)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Fungus Sample Bag
Given by One Who Wins Over Mind
Bluetooth (Hydnum cerulean) Fungus Sample
Found Northeast of Ripwell

Speak to One Who Wins Over Mind, he can be found under one of the tents at the Yutto's village just southeast of Ripwell (Clan) or south of The Jagged Coast (Omni). Offer to help him collect samples of the Bluetooth Fungus, he will provide you with a Fungus Sample Bag.

Head North past Ripwell and then Northeast into the meadow, the fungus can be found on the floor around the dungeon entrance there, pick up the bag and use it on the fungus to collect it. Be careful as some samples are poisonous and will cause 500 damage to your health, once you have collected five healthy samples return to the Yutto's village

Hand One Who Wins Over Mind the five samples and the bag to collect your reward, you will have to do this quest yourself as the book chapter is Nodrop

The Girl That Saw it All - Chapter 1