Repairing Shadowland nano crystals

Broken nano crystals, found in Shadowland static dungeons can be easily repaired

Here are a list of items you will need for the tradeskill

XXX Shadow Crystal (XXX)
Found in Shadowland Static Dungeon chests
Nano Programming Interface
General store, Tools terminal

The basic crystals, found in Shadowland static dugeons chests, have name such as: Tainted Shadow Crystal (XXX) or Snow Crashed Shadow Crystal (XXX)
(XXX) being the name of the nano
Once you come across one of these nanos on your travels, head to your local general store once back on RK and purchase a Nano Programming Interface from the Tools terminal. The crystals can still be uploaded without repairing, but only have a 94-97% chance of working so is a risk

* Important Note for crystals named: Weird Looking XXX *
Crystals named Weird Looking should NOT be repaired, as they give an improved version of the nano once uploaded. Repairing them will revert them to the basic version, so you will just have cross your fingers and hope they don't break while uploading !

To repair all you have to do is combine the two items

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
7 x QL of Target in Nano Programming
Nano Programming Interface
XXX Shadow Crystal (XXX)
Nano Crystal (XXX)