Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer

The immense heat in this are of the Shadowlands requires foot protection to be worn at all times, or else take quite high constant damage

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

The Milliner
Southwest Adonis (1240x470)
Eastern Fouls Plains (490 x 3800) Part of the Tchu spawning process

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Superior Quality Molock Muktuk
Loot from Slithers, NW Penumbra
Amulet of Algid Amber
Loot from boss mobs, Penumbra Catacombs's
Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp
Loot from Fiery Imp, S Inferno
Hellion Mirrors
Loot from Spirits, N Scheol outside Ergo
A note to The One Who Endlessly Tries from The Milliner
Given by The Milliner

First we need to collect three items to show Milliner, the first is a Superior Quality Molock Muktuk, these can be looted from the Slithers up in the Northwest corner of Penumbra

For the Amulet of Algid Amber you will need to travel into the Catacombs of Penumbra, the bosses of this dungeon drop the Amber on occasion. This dungeon will require a good team or two of high levels to survive

The third item is the most difficult as it has to be looted from a Fiery Imp, these can be found just inside of the portal for Inferno. Inferno has a constant 2000 DoT running if you are not wearing boots, and the Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp is NoDrop so you will need to collect it yourself. The best idea here, if possible, is to borrow a pair of boots and a group of friends to help you kill the Imps
Just inside the portal as you enter Inferno you will find a group of low level Fire Fleas, when killed these will spawn a Fiery Imp which may drop the item you require

Take these three items to Milliner, he can be found in the southwest end of Adonis. Once he has seen the items he will hand them back along with a note, this note is used for both spawning the dragon later and also handing in to Nhohar

You now have all four items needed to trade in for your boots, but before heading to do this you will need four Hellion Mirrors which can be looted from the Spirits and Spirit Hunters outside of Ergo in Scheol.

Now you have all the items required it is time to spawn the dragon Tchu, it's time to head back down to Rubi-Ka to the area of Eastern Fouls Plains.

The first mob you need to find is a Hellion Fanatic, this can be found in the north part of Eastern Fouls Plains near to the coordinates 1550x3900, he is on a 3 hour spawn. Kill the Fanatic and 4 more Hellion Imps will spawn, scattered around the area, the coordinates should be close to 2350x3800 / 1300x3560 / 770x3500 & 1890x4040

Find the first Hellion Imp and kill it, four mobs will now spawn in it's immediate vicinity, three named Hellion Imp and a Orchard Philanderer. The only mob you need to kill here in the Orchard Philanderer, once this is done a Pain mob will spawn

The pain mob will be named either Fussie's Pain, Fecit's Pain, Filio's Pain or Fructum's Pain. This mob is not attackable, instead you will need to trade him one of your 4 Hellion Mirrors and receive a Focus of Pain item in return. Doing this will also cause one of the Withered Old Witches spawn at the Medusa camp, the pain mob will then disappear

Find the second Hellion Imp and repeat the process, then do the same with the third and fourth using all your Hellion Mirrors

Now head over to the Medusa camp, you will need to trade each of you Focus of Pain items to one of the Withered Old Witches. Each witch will only except a certain item but there is no way of knowing which one without trial and error. If you give the witch the wrong item she will just hand it back so you can try another. Once all have received their items they will transform in turn into new witches

Now find and talk to Malah Filio nearby and she will give you a talisman, and ask to see the Note from Milliner about the boots. The Talisman will now need to be given to each of the witches in turn to enhance, once all four have done this return it to Malah Filio and she will spawn Tchu in the centre of the town

Stay well back as lots of Imps will spawn around the dragon, these can either be pulled away from Tchu and killed, or if left for 30 minutes will de-spawn of their own accord leaving just the dragon

Kill the dragon Tchu and Nhohar will spawn in it's place for 30 minutes, all that need to can now trade their parts for the boots

Inferno boots are Unique so you won't be able to collect a pair for someone else if you already have a pair yourself

Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer
QL 1

To wear:
Stamina 400
Intelligence 400
Title Level 5
Chemical AC 115
Cold AC 115
Energy AC 225
Fire AC 850
Melee AC 375
Poison AC 115
Projectile AC 115
Radiation AC 115