Gilthar's Garden

So you managed to reach Adonis, now it's time to collect you garden key. These useful items allow permanent access to the gardens without having to collect insignias, the garden allows you to save and also shortcuts around the zone via the various statues.

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest
All have been marked on our Map of Adonis

Ecclisiast Gil Jha
Redeemed Temple, East Adonis (Upstairs, South room)
Sipius Gil Ilad-Ulma
Redeemed Temple, East Adonis (Upstairs, South room)
Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma
Garden of Gilthar

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Given by Ecclisiast Gil Jha
Loot from Jorr-Thrak Dal or Urga-Yutt Dal, Adonis City (1600x900)
Insignia of Gilthar
Given by Ecclisiast Gil Jha

Before starting the actual quest you need to collect an item, it drops from 2 specific unredeemed mobs, Hypnagogic Jorr-Thrak Dal or Fortuitous Urga-Yutt Dal. Head to Adonis City and find the two portals near co-ordinates 1600x900, you will find one of them through each portal and it shouldn't be long before one of them drops the Note that you require

Once you are ready to begin head east to the Redeemed village and seek out Ecclisiast Gil Jha inside the temple, speak to him and he will ask for help. Once you accept he will give you a letter to the Sipius and advise that you show it to him and ask about the Diviners that have been disappearing

Sipius Gil Ilad-Ulma is standing next to the Ecclisiast. When you speak to him and show him the letter he will tell you where you need to go to find the information, bring it back and show the Ecclisiast. If you collected the Note earlier go you can now give it straight to him without having to leave the room

Once the Ecclisiast has seen the note he will ask you to search for two devices called control panels, he will also hand you an insignia for Gilthar's garden and tell you to see the garden Diviner once you have uploaded both locations to your memory

The first panel is located at 2800x2530 in east Adonis, head north from the Outmost Yard statue and past the Sanctuary statue for Dead Ends, you will find a huge space ship there and the control panel below it, just target the panel and wait for your mission to update

The next panel is on an island in the icy area at 1670x3020 above water, not below, and will require quite a lot of swimming to reach it so get those stims ready. Be careful in this area if you are lower level as there are lots of aggressive mobs near to the panel, the best idea is to run in as fast as possible, target the panel and run back again. Don't forget to make sure the mission has updated before leaving the area completely

Now head to the garden and seek out Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma, he is south of the save tree, near to the shop vendors. Speak to him and hand over the note when he asks for it, he will now reward you with your Key to Gilthar garden

Key to the Garden of Gilthar

To wear:
Level 145
Treatment 8
First Aid 8