Enel's Garden

Want to get your permanent key for Enel garden? here's how to go about it, it involves a fair amount of running around but the end result is well worth it.

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest
All have been marked on our Map of Elysium

Ecclisiast Enel Gil
Utopolis Temple (Upstairs, Southern Room)
Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad
Utopolis Temple (Upstairs, Northern Room)
Diviner Enel Wei-Nuir
Utopolis Temple (Upstairs, Southern Room)
Sipius Enel Mara-Ilad
Utopolis Temple (Upstairs, Southern Room)
Devoted Enel Cama-Lux
Diviner Enel Thar-Thar
Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar
Acolite Enel Wei
Western Elysium
Forester Enel Aban
Elysium Garden
Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere
Hypnagogic Wox-Zum Shere
Follower Chi-Nar Shere
Fortuitous Hes-Man Shere
Hygnagogic Ixi-Blothaar Shere
Visionist Dom-Xum Shere
Follower Ultrix Shere
Fortuitous Pi-Zul Shere
Nero (right side of ramp)
Follower Man-Wox Shere
Nero (top of ramp)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Insignia of Enel
Loot from Unredeemed in Elysium
Loot from wildlife around Elysium
Sealed Letter
Given by Ecclisiast Enel Gil
Ancient Tracking Device
Given by Forester Enel Aban

Before starting this quest it is a good idea to collect a few Insignia of Enel, they are not actually required, but will save a lot of running around the Elysium countryside. Eight insignias is enough to enter the garden enough times to reach the various parts of Elysium, but you may want a couple more just in case. Enel insignias will drop from both general wildlife and unredeemed mobs

To start the quest you will need to travel to the redeemed temple in Utopolis. Enter the temple, head straight through the first room and up the spiral staircase in the second room. Ecclisiast Enel can be found in the southern room off the top of the staircase (Be careful not to enter the western doorway as that one leads to the catacombs). After speaking to him for a while he will give you a sealed letter and ask you to visit certain other redeemed mobs, show them the letter and gain their approval

The first three redeemed you need to speak to are in the same temple, in either of the side rooms. If you can't find them at first be patient, they will spawn quite quickly. Each time you gain approval from one a new mission will appear, the new co-ordinates can then be uploaded to your map

The next two redeemed can be found at Barter (the easiest way to travel to each area throughout the quest is via the garden using one of your insignias), Devoted Cama Lux and Diviner Enel Thar-Thar are close to the statue of Enel. Show them the letter and gain their approval

Next we need to travel to Ripwell area, Watcher Enel Ulma Thar can be found inside the building there, as before gain his approval and move on to the next area

This next redeemed is the final mob that needs to be shown the letter, he is not so easy to find as his location cannot be uploaded to your map. You will find him in West Elysium on the shore west of Fallen Forest area, the easiest way for lower levels is probably to run up from Barter, or get a little help. Once you find him and show him the letter he will become angry, throwing the letter to the ground, as long as you are not rude to him he will give his approval though and send you back to the Utopolis Temple

Return to the temple again and find Ecclisiast Enel again, after telling him you have the approval required he will hand you an insignia and ask you to enter the garden of Enel and find the forester to receive instructions for the second half of the quest

Forester Enel Aban can be found close to the save tree in the garden, speak to him and he will ask you to spy on some of the unredeemed for him. Be modest when you speak to the forester or he will not give you a mission. After speaking to him, he will hand you a device and send you on your way

Each of the following mobs will need to be targeted to get the next mission, that is all that needs to be done so shouldn't be to difficult unless your faction is high enough to draw aggro from the many unredeemed surrounding them

First you will need to head to Remnans for the first three Unredeemed, Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere, Hypnagogic Wox-Zum Shere & Follower Chi-Nar Shere are standing around a fire. Target them each in turn, waiting for the mission to update with each one, the easiest way to reach them is by taking the statue to Remnans then heading East a short way

Next head over to Storm Shelter, fastest way is via the garden, take the Whispervale statue then head East. Here you will find the next four NPC's, target them in the following order Fortuitous Hes-Man Shere, Hygnagogic Ixi-Blothaar Shere, Visionist Dom-Xum Shere and Follower Ultrix Shere. All are standing at various positions on a raised section

For the final two you will need to head to Nero, outside the Unredeemed Temple. Head back into the garden, take the Remnans statue again, but this time head South west, Nero is marked on your map. Fortuitous Pi-Zul Shere is standing around the right-hand side of the entrance ramp and Follower Man Wox Shere is at the top of the ramp

All that is left now is to head back to the garden, hand the Forester the device he gave you and receive your reward for this quest

The Key to the Garden of Enel

To wear:
Not Omni
Level 75
Treatment 4
First Aid 4

With this key you now have permanent access to the garden of Enel from any of the statues around elysium, and also from the transit statues in each Redeemed garden and down in Wailing Wastes on Rubi-Ka