Cama's Garden

As with previous shadowlands areas, one of the first things you will want to do once you reach Penumbra is get you garden key. It works exactly the same as other keys by giving access to the garden of Cama with it's save tree and statues for ease of travel around the land

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest
All have been marked on our Map of Penumbra

Devoted Cama Gil-Lux
Redeemed temple, northwest Penumbra, Upstairs
Northeast Unredeemed Village
Cama-El - Marked by Vanya
Northeast Unredeemed Village
Rawa-El - Marked
Northeast Unredeemed Village
Coma-El - Marked by Vanya
Northeast Unredeemed Village
Craig-Or of Preservation
Southern Penumbra Forest
or Eastern Unredeemed village
Frosty Rafter - Marked by Vanya
Northeast of the Southwest Redeemed Village (1200x450)
Exiguous Spirit - Marked by Vanya
Northeast from the Redeemed temple
Taigan Stalker - Marked by Vanya
Near Unredeemed Village and the 215 Incarnator
El-Feret - Marked by Vanya
Outside Redeemed temple
Omega Carlos Trulli
Inside Unredeemed temple, part of Vanya raid

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Insignia of Cama
Loot from Unredeemed mobs
or Loot from general wildlife
Fragment of the Source
Loot from any Penumbra mobs

Before starting it is a good idea to grab yourself a few insignia's, as usual these drop off both general wildlife and unredeemed. None are actually needed to complete the quest, but six insignia's should be enough to cut down on the traveling you will need to do

This quest starts at the redeemed temple in northwest Penumbra, the person you need to find is Devoted Cama Gil-Lux and can be found upstairs. He will ask you to find and tag ten different types of mobs around the land

The first four can all be found in the northeast unredeemed village, Auram-Cur, Cama-El - Marked by Vanya, Rawa-El - Marked and Coma-El - Marked by Vanya

Next is Craig-Or of Preservation, for this one you will need to travel to southern Penumbra forest, he is near the unredeemed statue there. He can also be found at the eastern unredeemed village (the one near the 215 incarnator), he is near the unredeemed statue again

Now you need to get to the southwest redeemed village, the Frosty Rafter - Marked by Vanya is just northeast of there

The Exiguous Spirit - Marked by Vanya is not so easy to find as the others, it is found inside a cave in the mountain. To find it head northeast from the Redeemed temple until you you reach the mountain then walk alongside it until you find the entrance. Once inside look for some pillars on your left, enter the doorway between them. The spirit can now be found in an alcove on your right

Taigan Stalker - Marked by Vanya is next and can be found near to the Unredeemed village by the 215 incarnator

You will find El-Feret - Marked by Vanya just outside of the Redeemed Temple in the northwest part of the zone

Last, but not least is Omega Carlos Trulli. He can be found inside of the Unredeemed temple and is part of the Vanya spawn process, the easiest way to tag this one is to join a Vanya faction team

Once all have been tagged a Source Fragment Scanner will appear in your inventory, this needs to be filled with 7 Fragment of the Source (pick up fragment and combine with scanner). Once 7 Fragments have been added, the scanner will lose power and a second will appear, do the same with this one. There will be a total of 5 scanners in total meaning 35 Fragments are required to complete this part of the quest, they can be looted from almost all mobs around Penumbra

Once the last Scanner has been filled, the Key to the Garden of Cama will appear in your inventory

Key to the Garden of Cama

To wear:
Not Omni
Level 165
Treatment 10
First Aid 10