Aban's Garden

To get your permanent key to aban garden takes a fair amount of running around, but with our help you should have it in next to no time

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest
All have been marked on our Map of Nascense

Donna Red
Frontier Border (980 x 1750)
Ecclisiast Aban Fala
Sipius Aban Lux-Wei
Garden of Aban

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Ancient device
Given by Donna Red
Insignia of Aban
Loot from Unredeemed / wildlife around Nascense

Before starting this quest it is a good idea to collect together a few insignias of Aban, so go ahead and start a killing spree, it shouldn't take too long before you have the four insignias needed

Now you need to head north and talk to Donna Red to start the quest, she is very excited about an ancient device she has found and wants you to get more information on it

Take the device from her and head to south east nascense, an area called Silence (easiest way to get there is via the garden) here you need to speak to the Ecclisiast. He will talk to you for a while before asking you to go and find an item belonging to Aban, you will receive a new mission to return to him with an insignia of Aban

If you collected some insignias earlier then just speak to the Ecclisiast again and show him one. He will return the insignia to you and ask you to use the insignia on the statue near him and once in the garden to go and speak to the Sipius

So head to the statue and enter the garden, you will enter the garden next to the Tree, head south east, past the mushrooms and the Sipius in standing next to a small building. After speaking to him he will explain that the device can be used to help certain creatures and will tell you how to use it. He then gives you a new mission to help three creatures then return to him

Dreaming Silvertail's are the creatures you need to find, try just north of Frontier Bridge. Once you have found a group pick up an Insignia and drop it on the device (shift and right click), it should glow blue, now talk to the first Silvertail and choose to cover it's eyes with the device, the Silvertail should now be transformed into a Blessed Silvertail. Repeat with a second and third Silvertail

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
Insignia of Aban
Ancient Pattern Analyzer
Activated Ancient Pattern Analyzer

Once you have helped three Silvertail's use your last of the four insignia's on the nearest statue and return to the Sipius in the garden. Tell him what you have done and he will reward you with you Key to the garden of Aban. That's it, enjoy your new item

The Key to the Garden of Aban
To Wear:
Not Omni
Level 25
Treatment 2
First Aid 2

On the same building you will find a transit Statue, using the any of your permanent keys on this will transport you to the garden/Sanctuary of the chosen key. There is a transit statue in each garden/sanctuary and also you will find one just south west of Wailing Wastes on Rubi-Ka
Also the key can be placed on HUD 1 slot (the one used by vehicles on Rubi-Ka) for a First Aid and Treatment boost