Veil of the Revoked

The Veil of the Revoked is made from parts found in the Crypt of Home

Here are a list of items you will need for the device

Cloak of the Revoked
Various NPCs, Crypt of Home, Broken Shores
Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin
Cerubin the Rejected, Crypt of Home, Broken Shores

Only two items are needed to make the Veil, both can be found in the Crypt of Home, just northwest of Home in Broken Shores

The first item is the Cloak of the Revoked, this drops from various mobs in the Crypt, such as Cenobites and Eclipser's. You will most likely come across one or two of these cloaks as you naturally progress through the dungeon

The second item drops from the main boss of the Crypt, Cerubin the Rejected, this one is level 150 and will need a team to take down. You may need to kill him a few times to find the Circlet

Once you have both all that is required is to combine them with each other

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
400 in Computer Literacy
Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin
Cloak of the Revoked
Veil of the Revoked

The veil can be worn by Traders and Enforcers, it has a large amount of modifiers as shown below

Veil of the Revoked
QL 100

To wear:
or Enforcer
Computer Literacy 600
Intelligence 440
MeleeAC 700
ProjectileAC 700
EnergyAC 700
FireAC 700
ColdAC 700
RadiationAC 900
ChemicalAC 900
PoisonAC 900
BodyDevelopment 30
MeleeInit. 30
RangedInit. 30
PhysicalInit. 30
NanoC.Init 30
DodgeRanged 30
EvadeClsC 30
DuckExp 30
NanoPool 30
SkillLockModifier -5
MaterialMetamorphosis 5
BiologicalMetamorphosis 5
PsychologicalModification 5
MaterialCreation 5
SpaceTime 5
SensoryImprovement 5
Agility 5
FirstAid 5
Psychology 5