Sentinel Armor

Sentinel armor is a much sought after Clan only armor and requires a good team to collect the parts

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

Supplymaster Eel
Secondary OTAF Base, Avalon (820x1660)
General Kaehler Jr.
Secondary OTAF Base, Avalon (780x1630)
Major Dalton
Western Terraform Plant, Avalon (380x2220)
Major Copperfield
Western Terraform Plant, Avalon (460x2400)
Supplymaster Smug
Sentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2885x3555)
High Commander Frederickson
Sentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2605x3645)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

A little brown book
Loot from Supplymaster Eel
A Silver Platter
Loot from Supplymaster Eel
Head of General Kaehler
Loot from General Kaehler Jr.
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Pants
Loot from Supplymaster Eel
or from General Kaehler Jr.
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Boots
Loot from Supplymaster Eel
or from General Kaehler Jr.
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves
Loot from Supplymaster Eel
or from General Kaehler Jr.
or from Major Dalton
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Gloves

Loot from Supplymaster Eel
or from General Kaehler Jr.
or from Major Copperfield

To collect the items for this quest you will need to kill two Omni-tech employees, Supplymaster Eel and General Kaehler Jr. Both of these can be found in the secondary OTAF base in south Avalon. Be careful as both are surrounded by their helpers and all within the dome are aggressive towards Clan members on sight, a good team will be needed to take them down. If either are missing, the spawn time for them is 3 hours. All pieces required and the completed armor are Nodrop, so you will have to be there yourself

Depending on which pieces you are looking for you may need to take down Eel, Kaehler or both. The little brown book and silver platter both have around a 50% chance of dropping, the DNA-Locked pieces all have a random drop off both mobs

There are also two other Omni's that will drop pieces required, both of these can be found a short run away at the Western Terraform Plant in Avalon. They are both much lower level, approximately 170 and are named Major Dalton, who drops the sleeves and Major Copperfield who drops the gloves. Both of these have a spawn time of approximately 1 hour

Below is a table of what loot is required for each item and who it is traded to

Loot from
Trade to
Little brown book
Silver Platter
Head of Kaehler
DNA-Locked Pants
Eel or Kaehler
DNA-Locked Boots
Eel or Kaehler
DNA-Locked Sleeves
Eel, Kaehler or Dalton
DNA-Locked Gloves
Eel, Kaehler or Copperfield

Once you have the pieces you need, head to the Sentinel's base in the NE corner of Wailing Wastes. Talk to Smug for most of the quests and Frederickson for the body, trade them the required pieces for your rewards

As you can see below, the stats for a full set of Sentinel's are very nice. Don't forget that it is all Nodrop, and that the helmets cannot be worn by Shade's

Full set of Sentinel Armor
(7 pieces) QL200

To wear:
Title Level 6
Strength 550
Agility 550
Projectile AC: 4250
Melee AC: 4250
Energy AC: 4250
Fire AC: 3190
Cold AC: 4250
Radiation AC: 4250
Chemical AC: 4050
Poison AC: 4250
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 8
Sense: 10
Psychic: 8
Max Health: 720
Max NCU: 68
Bio. Metamorphosis: 10
Treatment: 8
Ranged Init.: 14
Melee Init.: 14
Evade ClsC: 16
Run Speed: 60
2hBlunt: 14
2hEdged: 14
Melee Energy: 8
Parry: 8
Sneak Attack: 10
Fast Attack: 10
Brawl: 8
Dimach: 8
Bow: 8
Assault Rifle: 22
Shotgun: 10
Rifle: 8
Ranged Energy: 14
Fling Shot: 9
Aimed Shot: 8
Burst: 10
Full Auto: 12
Electrical Engineering: 8
Computer Literacy: 8
Perception: 16
Map Navigation: 38