NCU Hacker Interface

This is a very easy, and very cheap item to make for fixers to help with their nano skills. It is fixer only and also a leveling item, which means that each time you gain a level it can be upgraded also
It raises all nano skills by the same amount of points, starting at +1 and increasing to +60 at QL 200

Here are a list of items you will need for the device

Nano Programming Interface
Devices terminal
Lock Pick
Tools terminal
or Devices terminal

Both items can be purchased from your local general store, in either the Tools or Devices terminal. You can't use a Personal Lock Pick for this, only a normal one will do

Combine the lock pick with the nano programming interface

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
25 Nano Programming
60 Break & Entry
Lock Pick
Nano Programming Interface
NCU Hacker Interface

To level the item all you need to do is right click on it until it reaches the same QL as your level, this takes a small amount of cash to do
It is worn in the HUD 2 slot and can be worn with Grid Armor

NCU Hacker Interface
QL 200

To wear:
Level 200
Sensory Improvement 60
Space Time 60
Material Creation 60
Psychological Modification 60
Biological Metamorphosis 60
Material Metamorphosis 60