Mass Relocating Robot

Mass Relocating Robot (MRR) come in two varieties, Shape Soft and Shape Hard. Both are used in the production of various armor

Here are a list of items you will need for the device

Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Shape Hard/Soft Armor)
Rare boss drop
Mass Relocating Robot
General Tools and Bases terminal

The most difficult part of creating your MRR Shape Hard/Sort is finding the rare item - Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Shape Hard/Soft Armor). It's drops as rare loot from boss mobs, so you can either camp the dynacamp bosses of around level 60 or if able, grab a load of team missions of the same level and hope to get lucky

Once you have found yourself the PPPE, hold on to it very carefully and head to your nearest general store and purchase a MRR from the General Tools and Bases booth

Now you are ready to combine the two parts, the requirements are not too high so go ahead and get your new tool

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
2.5 x QL of Target in Electrical Engineering
2.5 x QL of Target in Nano Programming
2.5 x QL of Target in Mechanical Engineering
PPPE (Shape Hard/Soft Armor)
Mass Relocating Robot
MRR (Shape Hard/Soft Armor)

The type of MRR you create will make a difference to what armor you can make, e.g. Carbonum & Junk Metal use Shape Hard whereas Bronto Hide & Crawler uses the Shape Soft, so have a look at the separate armor guides and have fun using it