Lock Pick of Eight

The Lock Pick of Eight is a fixer only tool that can be equipped in any Util or HUD slot to boost certain skills

Here are a list of items you will need for the device

Chip of the Eight
Loot from Eighth Brood Champion, Hollow Island
Bomb Disarmament Tools
Tools or Devices terminal

The first thing to do is collect the Chip of the Eight, this will require a raiding team for Hollow Island, once there you will need to find and kill the Eighth Brood Champion. Hollow Island is a very high level raid, and getting to the Champion will take a good amount of time, then you just have to hope he drops it for you

The only other piece needed is luckily easy to get, it is sold at any basic shop in the General Tools terminal. Head to your nearest one and grab a Bomb Disarmament Tool

Now all that is needed is to combine these two pieces, the requirements are unknown, but any high level fixer that can use the item will have them already

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Known
Not Required
Not Known
Bomb Disarmament Tools
Chip of the Eight
Lock Pick of Eight

The Lock-Pick of Eight is NoDrop and only useable by Fixers of level 190+

Lock Pick of Eight

To wear:
Title Level 6
Computer Lit 850
Breaking Entry 16
Trap Disarm 16
Max NCU 16
Nano Programming 16
Run Speed 16