Living Cyber Armor

The Living Cyber Armor is a good low-level armor but a quest is required to collect three of the pieces

Here is a list of people you will need to speak to to complete the quest:

Clan Party Mixer
Junk food/Snack food Bar, Old Athen
Bjorn Krax
Wartorn Valley (753x584)
Sarah Winters
North of Newland Lake ()

Here is a list of items you will need to complete the quest:

Cyber Armor Boots
Basic Armor terminal

The first thing you will need to do is find the Clan Party Mixer, he is just south-east of Old Athen hill at the Junk food/Snack Bar. Have a word with him and talk until the topic of Living Armor comes up, then choose in order each of the three quests

First lets do the Body Armor quest, the Party Mixer wants you to find a Hansen Personal Ore Extractor. It can be found inside a mission which he will give you.Once you find it another mission will be uploaded for you, this time you are required to find a Carbonrich Rock. This can also be found inside a mission but once you find it don't pick it up, use the Hansen Personal Ore Extractor on it while still on the floor. As soon as you do this the mission will complete and a Pure Carbon Fragment will appear in your inventory.
This is the item that a man named Bjorn Krax is looking for, take it to him in Wartorn Valley, have a word with him and he will swap it for a nice new Living Cyber Armor Body. He will give you both a male and female piece, just delete the one you don't need.
Now back to the Clan Party Mixer for the next mission.

Next quest is for the Boots, before we start this quest it is a good idea to go and collect a pair of normal Cyber Armor Boots from the local store, any QL will do but as this is a timed mission it is useful to have them ready.
Okay, ready to start, go and have another word with the Clan Party Mixer. He will ask you to go kill someone who is blackmailing him, they are hiding in Varmint Woods. Once you have entered the mission and found and killed them a new mission will appear, also a Crashed Implant will appear in your inventory.
You now need to head to an area north-west of Newland city and find someone called Sarah Winters, she is by the mountain range north of Newland lake. Once you have found her talk to her and she will ask you for the Crashed Implant, give her this and she will ask you to find her a pair of Cyber Boots, you now have just one hour to find her a pair of boots. Once you have them just return to Sarah and hand them to her she will then modify them and hand you them back as a pair of Living Cyber Boots.
Head back to the Party Mixer for the third mission.

Have another word with the Clan Party Mixer, he now needs you to find one of his workers that has gone missing in Newland Desert. Head along into the mission and you just need to enter and observe this person for a few seconds to transfer their location to the Party Mixer.
Once this is done the Party Mixer will contact you and ask you to deliver the Banded Ring of Hope to Sarah Winters in Newland. The ring should be in your inventory, all you need to do is head back to Sarah Winters, same place as you found her in the boots quest and hand her the ring. Once she receives it she will hand you a new pair of Living Cyber Gloves.
With this completed you should now have three pieces of Living Cyber Armor

This armor is leveling, right clicking on it will cause it to increase in level if you have the required skills. It will level to a maximum of QL 50. There are also helmet, sleeves and pants to complete this set, these can be found on various mobs inside the Condemned Subways

Living Cyber Armor
(3 pieces) QL 50

To wear:
Intelligence 132
Psychic 120
Projectile AC: 405
Melee AC: 405
Energy AC: 355
Fire AC: 255
Cold AC: 255
Radiation AC: 82
Chemical AC: 82
Poison AC: 82
Max Health: 57
Max Nano Energy: 20