Fixer Grid Part II

The Fixer Grid can also be used by others in the fixers team once this second part of the quest has been completed, here's how to complete it

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

Old Athen (280x210)
Grid Jumper
Southern Artery Valley (1700 x 1200)
Southern Foul Hills (1500 x 3150)
Grid Hacker
Southern Artery Valley (2750 x 1250)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Hacker Club Member Chip
Given by Sirocco

As with the first quest you will need to meet the requirements to receive this one:
Fixer Grid part 1 completed
Level 100
Sensory Improvement 479
Time & Space 340
Breaking and Entry 401

Before starting the quest there are a few things that need to be prepared, make sure you read through the whole guide and familiarize yourself with the locations and mobs as this one is also timed like the first was

The first thing to do is make sure the three cyborg's are spawned, to do this we need to kill specific Lunaspell's. Once they die they will re-spawn again after 20 minutes, sometimes a cyborg will spawn instead, this is what we want to happen. The Lunaspells are level 130 and like boss mobs have a lot of health so will take some time to kill, if you are lower level you may need some help with these

The first Lunaspell is in Southern Artery Valley, take the fixer grid to 7th tier then the middle exit, the plant is just north of you. Once you have killed it enough times will spawn the Grid Jumper

The second Lunaspell is in Southern Foul Hills, take the fixer grid again to the 7th tier then the right hand exit. It will be standing on top of a rock next to you, kill it until the Fixer spawns

The third and final Lunaspell is in Southern Artery Valley again, take the 7th tier middle exit. This time head east from the exit, you will find it near the waterfall. Kill the Lunaspell to spawn the Grid Hacker

Once all three Cyborg's are spawned you are ready to start the quest, but be aware that unless they are grey to you they will aggro you before you can get close enough to open a trade window. To combat this you will need the help of someone who can calm them

To start the quest you need to talk to Sirocco in the southwest corner of Old Athen. He is the last person you spoke to in the first quest, give him the Hackers Club Membership card and he will check it and return it to you along with a crystal to be upgraded

Visit each of the Cyborg's in turn, Grid Jumper, Fixer and Grid Hacker. You have seven minutes to reach each cyborg, open a trade with them and hand them the crystal, it will be returned to you upgraded each time. The final cyborg will return the completed crystal to you, he will also call a group of cyborg's to kill you so you may want to run at this point after making sure the crystal is safely in your inventory

And there, you have now completed the team version of the Fixer Grid quest

Nanocrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream (Team))

To use:
Level 100
Sensory Imp 479
Space Time340
Break Entry 401