Fixer Grid Part I

Fixers have access to a special fixer grid, which can be used to transport them to 36 locations around Rubi-Ka, some in towns and some out in the wilds meaning that they can get to places quicker than using traditional travel methods
To get this nano the fixer needs to complete a quest, part of which is timed, so it is a good idea to read through thoroughly and even doing a dry run would be recommended

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

Newland City (260x320)
Smokey Willy
Omni Entertainment, Northwest Slum District (470x1040)
Spoiled Brat
Omni Entertainment, Southeast Park (950x360)
Brenda Diamond
Broken Shores, Crypt of Home (400x2250)
Sally Tall
Meetmedere (1480x2760)
West Athen, The Cup
Dancing Fool
Omni Entertainment, Baboons (750x750)
Old Athen (280x210)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

A Leet Doll
Toys and Curiosities store
Nano Crystal Instantaneous Encoding
Fixer Nanocrystal store
Bundle of Nano-Tubes
Loot from robot type mobs
Fancy Doll
Given by Spoiled Brat
Hacker Club Member Chip
Given by Sirocco

Before starting this quest you are required to be able to use the nano:
Level 40
Sensory Improvement 180
Time & Space 132
Break & Entry 203
400 Nano points
The recommended level would be around 80 as this is not an easy quest for lower levels

Lets go and collect the few items we need along the way, the first is a Leet Doll and can be bought from a specialist commerce store in the Toys and Curiosities terminal. The Nanocrystal Instantaneous Encoding is also store buyable, head to the nearest basic store and look in the terminal for fixer nano's. The last item is a little more awkward to get, you can loot Bundle of Nano-Tubes from various robot type mobs around Rubi-Ka, see our guide for sided pads for the best places

You are now ready to start the quest, first you will need to head to Newland and speak to Ofoz, he can be found infront of a billboard near the main gates. He has a mission for you, but will ask for 25,000 credits to give you the mission. He wants you to find him a Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal

We now need to travel to Omni Entertainment and speak to Smokey Willy. You will find him in the northwest corner of Omni Entertainment in the slum District, standing next to the water. Smokey will ask you to bring him a Instantaneous Encoding nano, give him the one you bought earlier and him will turn it into Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal

Before leaving Omni Entertainment we will get the other item from here that is required a little later, so head to the southeast corner and find the Spoiled Brat. She stands on the wall of the park near the whom-pa's, it's the park with the Bronto Burger stand in it. Talk to the Spoiled Brat and she will tell you that she collect dolls and would very much like to find a Leet Doll to complete her set, trade her yours for a Fancy Doll. Once you have finished talking she will de-spawn for a short while, if you have trouble finding her when you first arrive this may be the reason

Now back to Ofoz's mission, leave omni Entertainment via the quickest exit and head back to Ofoz in Borealis. Hand him the Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal. He now wants you to find some wafer thin nano crystals, for these you will need to head to Broken Shores and speak to Brenda Diamond. She hangs out just outside the Crypt of Home, go west out of Home and follow the road north the the ruin, tell her what you need and she will sell you some Wafers for 50,000

Back to Ofoz in Borealis again and hand him the Homegrown Crystal Wafers, he will now ask you to find a Bundle of Nano-Tubes. As you have already collected these earlier hand them to him now, he will now ask you to find him an ICC Brand AI Cube. The Fancy Doll you were given by the Spoiled Brat luckily contains one of these, but don't hand him the doll quite yet

Note: you are about to enter the timed part of the quest.
Run fixer ... RUN!

As soon as you hand Ofoz the doll he will give you yet another mission, but this and all the following mission of the quest have one important difference...they are TIMED! If you fail to complete any part within time you will have to start again from the very beginning of the quest, so make sure you know exactly where every person you need is located

Hand Ofoz the doll, he will immediately give you a new mission to Give Incomplete Grid Hacker Crystal to Smokey Willy in Omni Entertainment. The crystal will be in your inventory

Find Smokey and hand him the Crystal, he will upgrade it and send you off to see Sally Tall next, she can be found at the north end of Meetmedere

Hand her the crystal, she will upgrade it and send you off to see Brenda Diamond in Broken Shores

You should already know where to find Brenda, hand her the crystal and after upgrading it she will tell you to go and see Coco. She can be found in a bar in West Athens called The Cup

The Cup is right next to the grid terminal, Coco will be standing next to the coffee bar there. Give her the crystal to upgrade and she will say that you now need to visit the Dancing Fool, he can be found back in Omni Entertainment, at a bar called Baboons

Baboons is in the northeast area of Omni Entertainment, you will find the Dancing Fool off to the right hand side of the dance floor. Give him the crystal and he will upgrade it once again and hand it back to you

All that is needed now is to travel back to Old Athen and find Sirocco, he stands the other side of the water in the southwest corner of the city. Hand him the crystal and he will do the final upgrade for you, he will then hand you your Nanocrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream). He will also give you a Hacker Club Member Chip, don't leave before you receive this as it is needed for the team version of this quest

That's it done, upload your new nano and go have a look at the Fixer Grid, you will find yourself using this place quite a lot

Nanocrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream)

To use:
Level 40
Sensory Imp 180
Space Time 132
Break & Entry 203