Anarchy-Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG based on the planet of Rubi-Ka, where the forces of Omni-Tek, Clans and Neutrals fight for control of the land. You also have the choice of joining an organization or guild allowing you the chance of building land control towers and defending them against attackers.


There is a wide variety of inhabitants on Rubi-Ka as you can choose from four different breeds and up to 50 different faces, then alter your height and weight, and pick one of 14 different professions.
You can then decorate your character with an array of weapons, armour, clothes and accessories to make yourself into a complete individual. Unseen differences can customize your character further by the use of skills and implants.


Travel comes in many forms, most major cities have access to a portal network across the world known as Whom-pa's. There is also a 'Grid' network with access and exit points in major and minor areas for the more advanced.
For those that like to explore the outdoors rather than using instant travel their is the choice of on foot or personal cars and planes for those with plenty of spare credits.


Advancement in levels is gained in a similar manner to most other MMORPG's, through both battle and trade skills. Kill roaming wildlife on both Rubi-Ka and Shadowlands or if you prefer mission terminals will allow you to sell your services and receive a key to a dungeon filled with challenges.
Go out alone or work together with a team for more fun. Once a new level is reached you are awarded with a set amount of Improvement Points, which you can use to improve your chosen skills and abilities.


Rubi-ka has many nightclubs where entertainment can be found, or for a quiet night in invite friends back to your apartment, the many emotes allow you to dance and express yourself in plenty of ways. Various chat channels allow you to have both public, guild only or private conversations.


There have been four expansions added to the game to-date, the first was 'The Notum Wars' which allowed organizations to build mining and control towers and control areas of land.
The second was 'Shadowlands', which added two new professions and also the floating city of Jobe above the planet surface. Portals on Jobe are open and lead to a whole new beautiful and dangerous area of land to explore.
The third is Alien Invasion which now allows player guilds to build cities with headquarters and other buildings, these then have a chance of being invaded by aliens adding a whole new aspect to the game.
The fourth expansion 'Lost Eden' takes PvP to new heights with the addition of the Battlestation, where Clan and Omni can battle for control. Players now also have the option to use Mechs, huge vehicles from which they can fight one another.

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