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Newbie Island Quests
All new players (except for Keeper and Shade professions, who start in Jobe backyard), can now choose to start on the ICC Shuttleport. There are many quests here to help both learn the game, and collect some nice items to start your time on Rubi-ka.
Once you have finished choosing you characters race, appearance, profession and name you will be offered the choice of starting in either Jobe or Shuttleport, the latter will zone you to the beach of the island. A little way to your north is a man named Brandon Thorn, go and speak to him to receive your startup weapon(s) and nanos. He will also promote you to level 2, and give you your first few quests

Brandon Thorn - ICC Shuttleport, Beach (935x760)

Manager Travis Molen - ICC Shuttleport, Outside Teleport Tower (930x885)

• Sided Pads
• Newcomer's Armor

Newbie Island Tradeskills

Newbie Island Weapon Upgrades