Nano Controller Unit

The Nano Controller Unit gives a nice boost to all nano skills to a selection of professions that may need it

Here are a list of items you will need for the device

Disk of Cloudy Crystal
Loot from Alien General
Nano Programming Interface
Devices terminal

The first item needed is a disk of cloudy crystal, these can be looted from alien generals at the end of raids. The quality of this item will define the finished product

The second item is a nano programming interface, these are available from any local store in the devices terminal

Now you have both the items, all that is left is to combine them

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Not Required
6 x QL of Target in Electrical Engineering
6 x QL of Target in Chemistry
Nano Programming Interface
Disc of Cloudy Crystal
Nano Controller Unit

The units are available from quality 1 to 300 and can be equipped in the HUD 2 slot

Nano Controller Unit
QL 300

To wear:
or Trader
or Bureaucrat
or Doctor
or Nano-Technician
or Meta-Physicist
Alien Invasion
Level 220
Biological Metamorphosis 75
Material Metamorphosis 75
Material Creation 75
Space Time 75
Psychological Modification 75
Sensory Improvement 75