De'Valos Sleeves

De'Valos sleeves are an upgrade to the basic Cyber armor, they will add to all nano skills but can only be worn by Nanomages

Here are a list of items you will need for the tradeskill

Cyber Armor Sleeves
Loot from mobs or mission chests
Powdered Viral-Bots
Loot from Alien General

The first item you will need is the basic Cyber Armor Sleeves, these can be looted from mobs and mission chests. The lower qualities can be purchased from general stores

The second item required is Powdered Viral-Bots, these are only found on Alien Generals

Combine the sleeves with the viral-bots to improve them, the final quality will depend on the viral-bots

Source used up? :
Source Qualities :
Skills Required :
Source at least 65 % of Target
6 x QL of Target in Electric Engineering
6 x QL of Target in Electric Nano Programming
Cyber Armor Sleeves
Powdered Viral-Bots
De'Valos Sleeves

Below is an example of the highest QL sleeve

De'Valos Sleeves
QL 200

To wear:
Intelligence: 700
Psychic: 700
TitleLevel: 6
Melee AC: 230
Projectile AC: 230
Energy AC: 230
Fire AC: 200
Cold AC: 200
Radiation AC: 230
Chemical AC: 200
Poison AC: 200
Material Metamorphosis: 30
Biological Metamorphosis: 30
Psychological Modification: 30
Material Creation: 30
Space Time: 30
Sensory Improvement: 30
Max NCU: 15