Blackmane's Belt

Brandon would also like you to kill a few of the nearby creatures

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

Brandon Thorn
Beach near starting point (935x760)
Antonio Stacklund
Near to Teleport Tower (935x875)

If you speak to Brandon again about helping some more he will give you a new mission. This time he wants you to kill the same four creatures you tagged earlier, there is a time limit of 7 Days

Kill :
Beach Leet
Island Reet
Surf Lizard
Shore Snake

Once all four are dead a new mission will appear to return to Brandon Thorn for your reward, Blackmane's Belt

You should now have a new mission to take the belt to the equipment vendor Antonio Stacklund, to find him you will need to head west from Brandon and enter the tunnel in the cliff face signposted Main Terminal. At the other eand of the tunnel head up the ramp and keep following the signposts for Main Terminal/Teleport Tower

Speak to Antonio about the belt and hand it to him to have a look at when he asks, he will give it straight back to you (now working) and explain what it is used for. He will also hand you an memory chip to use alongside it.

Wear them in your Deck and Deck 1 or 2 slots to boost your NCU

Blackmane's Belt Component Platform
QL 1

To wear:
Computer Literacy 20
Free deck slot 2
Max NCU 2

2 - 3 NCU Memory
QL 10

To wear:
Computer Literacy 20
Max NCU 3