Bazzit's Alien Library

To enable you to train the perk Alien Expertise 3, you first need to complete a quest given by Uncle Bazzit

Here is a list of NPC's you will speak to throughout the quest

Uncle Bazzit
Uncle Bazzit's Workshop, Meetmedere
Deidre Lux
Stret West Bank (1260x2850)
Ramon Bauer
Old Athen (500x570)
Commander Kend Ash
Omni Trade District (435x420)
Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel
Ruins, Mort
Cyborg Brigadier General
Ruins, Mort
Prototype Inferno
Cyborg Barracks, Greater Tir County
Borealis (685x580)
Old Athen (280x210)
Eco Red
Rising Sun Plateau, Aegean (625x1150)
Zibell the Wanderer
Central Artery Valley (3430x2650)
Dodga Demercel
Rising Sun Plateau, Aegean (605x1120)
Alvin Odeleder
Lush Fields (1540x2500)
Dr. Krank
Central Artery Valley (2965x1315)

Here are a list of items you will need for the quest

Unknown Device
Given by Uncle Bazzit
Hacker Tool
Devices terminal
1st edition Pistola Di Macchina Mini Automatico 2
Given by Deidre Lux
Modified Tracking Device
Given by Ramon Bauer
Linked Hacker Tool
Given by Deidre Lux
Vanguard Node 19 Access Card
Mission Reward
Vanguard Node 19 Logs
Mission Reward
Hacker Club Affiliate Card
Given by Deidre Lux
Remote Access Hacker Tool
Given by Ofoz
Omni-Tek Node Logs
Mission Reward
Stolen Goods
Mission Reward
Scanning Device
Given by Eco Red
Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application
Given by Dodga Demercel

This quest can be done in four stages, at the end of each stage you are able to take a break for as long as you need before continuing

For this first stage each part of the quest allows between 10 and 12 hours to complete, so it does not need to be rushed

To start the quest talk to Bazzit about weapons, when he asks what you think the item can do reply 'It looks like something that could modify its head' he will then give you the unknown device and ask you to see Deidre Lux in Stret West Bank to see if she can help

Deidre can be found near to Reets, it seems she will help if you first do her a favour and take a pistol to the Vanguards and get them to replace it for a fully functioning one. Make sure you take a note of the frequency she asks for as you will need this soon. The Vanguard you need to find is Ramon Bauer, he can usually be found near the grid terminal at the Northeast corner of Old Athen

Ramon offers to re tune the pistol rather than replace it, but first he wants find the Commander of the Omni-Transport operation in Omni-Trade and target her until the tracking device registers her position. Her name is Commander Kend Ash and she can be found in the centre of Omni Trade, just northeast of the whom pa's

Return to Ramon Bauer and return the tracking device, he will now re-tune the pistol for you, all you need to do is let him know what frequency is needed (if the pistol gets broken using the wrong frequency Deidre will always give you another). Once this has been done, return the Deidre with the gun

Note: Clan quest shown above, for Omni's you will need to first visit Commander Kend Ash after Deidre. She will give mission to tag Ramon Bauer, once you have done this return to Commander Kend then back to Deidre

For the second stage each part allows 1 hour to complete, you will be asked to tag three cyborg's

Once you are ready to continue with the second stage, return to Deidre in Stret West and tell her you are ready for your first assignment, she will ask first if you have your hackers tool (any QL) once she has checked that it is okay you will receive your first mission

The first cyborg you need to find is Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel, he can be found wandering around the ruins, just south of Sentinels Crater in Mort. Pick up the hacker tool and tag him with it to complete

The second is Cyborg Brigadier General, he can be found wandering the same ruins

The last cyborg is Prototype Inferno, this one is a little further out in Greater Tir County. Find him inside the Cyborg Barracks in the east part of the zone, he is the boss at the end of the dungeon (on a 20 minute timer if not there when you arrive)

Once you have tagged all three, return to Deidre and hand her the hacker tool, she will upgrade it and return it to you

This third stage of the quest is longer still, each part allows between 8 hours and 3 days though so after you have taken a break, return to Deidre and let her know you are ready to continue. Hand her the Linked Hacker Tool to receive your first mission

First she will ask you to find a Vanguard Node Access Card, it is inside a mission and depending on the level of the mobs it may be a good idea to blitz the mission. Run through as fast as you can and pick up the card then return to Deidre with it

Pass Deidre both the Vanguard Node Access Card and the Linked Hacker Tool and she will hack it for you and give them both back, you now have a Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card with which you can complete your next mission. Talk to Deidre again once you are ready to accept it

For this next mission you must hack a Vanguard Node and remove any trace of Bazzit in the account database then return with logs that verify the completed hack. Once you have found the node inside the mission you will need to interface with it, first trade the Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card with it and you should now see a set of commands. You need to enter the commands in the following sequence, don't worry if it goes wrong though as you can always break the link and start again:

Uncle Bazzit
Purge User...
Search User...
Uncle Bazzit

You should now have Vanguard Node 19 Logs and a new mission to return to Deidre, the Node will self-destruct. Return to Deidre and show her the logs she will reward you with a Hacker Club Affiliate Card

Next speak to Deidre about the Unknown Device, hand her the device and she will ask Ofoz about it for you, he will give the information that it is a Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. You now have to update Bazzit on your progress, head back to Meetmedere and show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer, ask him about Omni-Tek and he will advise you to speak to Ofoz in Borealis

Ofoz can be found up the side of a shop, near to the ramp by the Whom pa's, first show him your Hacker Club Affiliate Card and then the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. He will tell you that to get information on the analyzer you will need to hack another Node, he will give you a Remote Access Hacker Tool which you need to attach to the Node inside the mission

Once you have the Omni-Tek Node Logs return to Ofoz, hand him the logs and he will scan them and give you a mission to speak to Sirocco in Old Athen. Sirocco is in the southwest corner of the town, standing next to backyard 14. Show him your Hacker Club Affiliate Card first, then he will ask to see the analyzer, he will complete the hack for you and let you know the results. Tell him you will let Bazzit know what he has found out and you will receive a new quest

Head back to Meetmedere and speak to Uncle Bazzit again, show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer and tell him what Sirocco has found out and he will reward you with Bazzit's Alien Library

The fourth and final stage of the quest involves a lot of running around Rubi-ka, each part allows between 10 hours and 3 days. So once you are ready, return to Bazzit and let him know you are ready to continue

Bazzit tells you he purchased the analyzer from Ramon Bauer of the Vanguards, and suggests that he might be able to give more information on where it came from. Head to Old Athen and speak to Ramon again, show him the analyzer. Before he will give you the information he wants you to retrieve some stolen goods, you will receive a mission

Return with the Stolen Goods and hand them to Ramon, he will then ask for the Analyzer again so he can scan it for you. You will now receive a mission to speak to Eco Red, find him in Aegean, on top of the Rising Sun Plateau. Before Red will give you any information he needs your help scanning some creatures, you will receive a Scanning Device to help:

Hammer Beast (South of Plateau, Aegean)
Rollerrat (Clan Backyard)
Vulture Feuder (East of Home, Broken Shores)
Monolith Blubbag (East of Home, Broken Shores)
Grass Snake (Omni Backyard)

Return to Red and hand him the scanner once you have scanned each of the creatures, you will now receive a mission to speak to Zibell in Central Artery Valley, the person who actually found the analyzer

Zibell can be found in a small village in Central Artery Valley, in the northeast corner. He won't give any information though until you get Dr. Krank to move, you will need to speak to his employer to do this. You will need to speak to either Dodga Demercel, on the Rising Sun Plateau in Aegean if you are Clan or Alvin Odeleder in Lush Fields for Omni's

Talk to Dodga/Alvin about his shortage of people and ask him if he has a transfer form, when he asks why tell him it is to help Bazzit. He will hand you a Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application, with this you can now go and visit Dr. Krank and get him to move. Dr. Krank can be found in Central Artery Valley, by the ruins in the east of the zone

After talking to Krank for a little while show him the transfer form, he will agree to move now. Head back to Zibell again, a little north of Krank and show him the Analyzer again, he will tell you where he found it and talk about Krank being there, head back to Krank once more and show him the analyzer.

Krank will talk to you about the analyzer once you have shown it to him, after this all that is left is to head back to Bazzit, show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer and tell him what information you found out. He will thanks you and reward you with an Overclocked Belt Component Platform, the quest is now finished

Note: Once again this is the clan version, for Onmi's you will need to visit Commander Kend Ash instead of Ramon Bauer

There are 3 items that are received through this mission, first is Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer which allows you to tradeskill Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material. Bazzit's Alien Library, with this in your inventory you can now train Alien Expertise Level 3 and finally the Overclocked Belt Component Platform

Bazzit's Alien Library
QL 1

Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer
QL 100

Overclocked Belt Component Platform
QL 1

To wear:
Alien Invasion
Computer Literacy 276
Belt Slots 5
Max NCU 20
Max Health 50